Monday, July 18, 2011

Wow. Sorry, if this blog is not for you...

...but I'm not going to apologize to the ANGRY WHITE MAN screaming at me in all caps on Facebook... This site is not intended to promote stealing psychological support resources away from you if you fall into the white male category. This blog is merely meant as a journal on a microcosmic plot of land on the internets to share my own personal experience with others who might identify with me, and my situation.

Yes, I advocate for multilingual psychological support services, yes I advocate for family support services for refugees and immigrant families who may not have access, may not be aware of access, may be averse to accessing and accepting support services. Yes I advocate for Asian males who are surviving infidelity to talk with each other. Yes this site if for Asian men who's ex's may be experience PTSD from growing up in a war-torn country, plastered with US bombs. Yes this is a site for folks living with someone with BDP and are struggling to make sense of it.

By the way, sir, the kids are already mine. So, yes, this site is also for Asian men finding themselves raising their children in a society filled with idiotic people who claim that America is a colorblind society.

If you don't like the issues I relate to, then change the channel. No need to huff-and-puff and pick a fight.

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