Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary

June 10, 2011--What better way to celebrate our 11th anniversary than to take a few minutes to set up a blog, documenting my experience as an Asian American single father of 3 kids, going through a profound change in my life, one brought on by multiple cases of infidelity, and one that is leading to divorce.

So...who is my target audience?  Well, I hope that this blog will be of interest to guys who can identify with me and my experience, and hopefully we can help each other.

With that intro, I welcome you, be it a survivor with stories to tell, going through it yourself (or suspecting you are about to be).  Post your questions, rants, general updates and survival tips.

Be well and check back often,

-Asian American Divorcing Dad, Surviving Infidelity (AADD)

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